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General Surgery


Minimially Invasive Surgery - Laparoscopic Surgery and Robotic Surgery 

Almost every surgery that was performed through a large abdominal incision can now be performed through small sub centimeter incisions.  This approach is not just for a better cosmetic appearance.  Smaller incisions often result in less postoperative pain which translates into shorter hospital stays and quicker return to daily activites.  

Some surgeries can be performed through a single incision hidden within the belly button. 

List of common procedures:

  • inguinal hernia repair
  • incisional hernia repair
  • ventral/epigastric hernia repair
  • paraesophageal hernia repair
  • nissen fundoplication (reflux surgery)
  • cholecystectomy (gallbladder)
  • colon resection
  • lysis of adhesions
  • gastrectomy
  • splenectomy
  • distal pancreatectomy

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